Have you ever parked your car in the East Mesa Moose parking lot, got out, locked it and then made your way to the front door of the Lodge only to stop and gaze at yet another new, welcoming and magnificent work of art on the Lodge windows?  Have you ever wondered who holds the talent behind the paint brush?

Meet Teresa Reheis.  Teresa is the beautiful and talented daughter of Linda Alphin (our new Recorder for the WOTM).  Teresa is a CNA for Hospice of the Valley and a certified personal trainer.  She has always been interested in art and it is a fun hobby of hers.  She is also the mother of three children, 2 boys and 1 girl.  She has 9 grandchildren and is married to Scott Reheis.  She resides in Mesa.

Thank you Teresa for volunteering your time to put smiles on our faces and for the great talent you bring to our Lodge.  Your art is very appreciated!