Private Membership Policy / Rules and Regulations


All good standing members of the Order shall be admitted to the social quarters of any lodge of the Loyal Order of Moose unless his or her privileges have been suspended in accordance with the laws of the Order. Only the following persons may be admitted as a “qualified guest” into the social quarters or home of any lodge of the Order:

An active lodge or chapter member’s spouse. (Note – There are no limits on the number of times a spouse may be admitted as a guest.)
An active lodge or chapter member’s immediate family. (Note – There are no limits on the number of times a spouse or qualified family member under the age of 21 may be admitted as a guest, however, all other immediate family members would be limited to two visits as they now qualify as a prospective member of the person signing them into the social quarters.)
A prospective member is defined as any guest that is accompanied by a member who can sponsor them for membership in the Order, with the exception listed in 2 (a) of this section. As permitted by the House Committee, a prospective member may be admitted subject to the following:
(1) The prospective member is accompanied at all times by his or her sponsor.
(2) The prospective member is properly signed in as a guest.
(3) The prospective member shall not make purchases.
(4) The prospective member shall leave when his or her sponsor leaves.
(5) The prospective member shall be limited to two (2) visits.

Note – The two (2) visit restriction only applies to prospective members.

All adult guests must be signed in the guest book and leave when the member leaves. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. The term “guest” includes non-member spouses. A member not in good standing (i.e., in arrears on payment of dues but not dropped) may not enter any lodge, even as a guest. Only good standing members of the Order, whose good standing membership has been verified, are permitted to make purchases. Unless prohibited by local law, the sale of refreshments to qualified minor family guests is permitted. It is the responsibility of the House Committee to ensure that all persons entering the lodge home and social quarters are either good standing members or qualified guests. It is recommended that the House Committee adopt a method of distinguishing members and guests to prevent guests from inadvertently making purchases.

Before making a purchase each day, each member should display his or her membership card. Each member of the Order shall submit proof of membership when requested by any member of the House Committee or its authorized person. Approved applicants for membership, prior to enrollment and becoming a member shall not make purchases.

Using the social quarters for any lodge or chapter community service activity is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the General Governor. These admission rules do not change the authority of the House Committee as provided by Sections 48.1 and 48.9 of the General Laws. Sections 28.8 and 50.3 provide information regarding suspended and expelled members, and undesirable individuals. Expelled members shall not enter any lodge or social quarters as a guest or otherwise except by dispensation of the General Governor.

Gentlemanly/ladylike and orderly conduct is required of all persons at all times. The House Committee is required by the laws of the Order to enforce all rules and regulations and maintain proper decorum. Indecent, profane, violent or other inappropriate conduct is absolutely prohibited. A member’s social privileges in a lodge may be suspended by the House Committee of the lodge pending a hearing and final decision of the House Committee in accordance with Section 48.9. The House Committee determines social quarters hours. At the hours designated for closing, all persons shall vacate the social quarters.

The admission of minors is subject to compliance with all local laws and according to rules established by the House Committee. No illegal activity shall take place in the social quarters at any time. Any member other than a law enforcement officer in the line of duty possessing an unapproved firearm or other deadly weapon on lodge property shall be expelled unless the General Governor has granted an exemption. The Supreme Council may adopt additional rules and regulations for the operation of social quarters by Moose lodges and these rules and regulations shall be effective as provided in the written action of the Supreme Council.

Per posted Moose International General Laws 2014, In Force and Effect as of July 1, 2014.

Questions concerning the Private Policy should be directed to the General Governor.

Phone: (630) 966-2207

Fax: (630)-859-6618

East Mesa Moose Lodge #2082

House Committee Rules and Regulations

These social quarters are operated by the House Committee under the authority of the laws of the Supreme Lodge of the World, Loyal Order of Moose.  Violations of these regulations will cause revocation of the Supreme Lodge permit to operate the social quarters.


  1. Members are required to show their membership card upon entering to the bartender, doorman or any other employee when asked.
  2. Loud, obscene or profane language will not be tolerated in the lodge. Gentlemanly and lady like conduct is required at all times.
  3. It is state law and lodge policy that no person in a state of intoxication will be admitted to the social quarters. The bartender will refuse to serve anyone in a state of intoxication and they must immediately leave the premises.
  4. The social quarters will be open each day the hours posted. No unauthorized person will be allowed in the social quarters before opening hours or after closing.
  5. No person under the age of 21 will be permitted to sit at the bar and cannot be served alcoholic beverages.
  6. Children must be under the close supervision of the hosting adult at all times.
  7. No children are allowed in the kitchen at any time.
  8. Appropriate dress should be worn in good taste at all times. Short shorts are not allowed and clothing with inappropriate language or designs is not allowed.  Shoes must be worn at all times (except while dancing on dance floor only).  Tattoos with nudity or profanity must be covered at all times.
  9. A qualified visitor may be defined as follows:
    1. A good standing Lodge or Chapter member’s immediate family, Husband, Wife, Mother, Father or son/daughter under 21 years of age.
    2. A prospective member of the Lodge or Chapter who’s presence is in response to a specific and personal invitation and is accompanied by his or her companion.
    3. A prospective member’s second visit must be with an application into the Order and all fees and dues must be paid. All family members and prospective members shall sign their names in the Lodge visitor register and fill out the required visitor card.  All visitors must leave the Lodge when the member leaves.
    4. A former Member of the Lodge MAY NOT BE A VISITOR.
    5. Qualified visitors must wear a FAMILY or PROSPECTIVE MEMBER tag as supplied.
  10. Only good standing members of the Lodge and Chapter are permitted to make purchases or spend any money in the social quarters. Non-member companions may not make purchases.
  11. Queen of Hearts, Pull-Tabs and Bingo are for Members only. Prospective members and family may not play or participate.  A new member with a temporary card may play.
  12. Any person violating any of the above rules may be ejected from the premises and will thereafter be denied the privileges of the social quarters until reinstated by the House Committee.
  13. Any member(s) other than law enforcement officers in the line of duty, having firearms or other lethal weapons in his/hers possession in the social quarters, parking lot or any other lodge property, shall be expelled from the order, unless the weapon involves a sporting event or other activity approved by the General Governor. This does not apply to legal weapons which at all times remain in locked vehicles and are not in violation of any law, rule, regulation or ordinance.
  14. Absolutely no beverage container will be brought into the lodge from outside.
  15. Absolutely no beverage may be brought outside of, or consumed outside of, the lodge premises with the exception of the gated patio at the rear of the Lodge. This includes the parking lot and walkways surrounding the Lodge.
  16. Any members violating these rules may be removed from the premises until reinstated by the House Committee. Any member charged with violating these rules and regulations will be entitled to a hearing before the House Committee.
  17. The Lodge is a non-smoking building/Lodge as of April 1, 2016.

House Committee

East Mesa Moose #2082