Moose International is rolling out a new iniative called “Valued Veterans.” 

According to Moose International: “The focus of this program is on the recognition and support of Moose Veterans with an emphasis on their ongoing service to their fraternal units and communities through the Moose.  The program’s tag phrase captures this well:  “Moose Members Serving Then…and NOW.”  This approach simultaneously honors our veterans while also highlighting the Fraternity’s commitment to community service.”

Our Lodge will hold a meeting in the coming weeks and welcome all lodge Veterans.  If you do not have access to a computer, we will help you “self-identify” online in the “My Member Record” section of the Moose International website so that you will be eligible to receive the specialized Moose Membership Card as well as other recognition.  Watch closely for announcements about the date this meeting will occur and plan to attend. Bring your current Membership Card with you. 

You can read more about this program at: