Greetings –

Hard to believe it’s Football season already. It was nice to see the guys and gals who got together to attend the AZ/NM Conference at the Hilton in August.  We had informational meetings and East Mesa had a good turnout.  Our Lodge also benefited from the Conference attendees who came out to eat, drink, sing and dance.  I heard a lot of great comments from people about how friendly our Lodge is, how great the food was and how much fun they had.  I even heard “East Mesa has always been my favorite Lodge.”

I was also fortunate to attend the Moose Legion Celebration at the San Xavier Lodge near Tucson.  There were about 7 East Mesa Moose members there.  Mike Greever was accepted into the Moose Legion as well.

I hope you enjoy the new E-Newsletter and have a prosperous Autumn.  Go Cardinals!  Go Vikings!

Rick Webb