Congratulations to Jim Counseller for achieving his Pilgrim Degree of Merit – well deserved honor.

The tickets for the NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY are on sale for $25/single and $40/couple.  Watch for banners in the Social Quarters.  Also – of significant importance is that we would like to do a MORTGAGE BURNING on New Year’s Eve celebrating that fact that we have “paid off the mortgage.”  What a great accomplishment.

On Saturday, November 5th (coming up in just a few days) is our men’s Fellowship Dinner which will begin approximately 4 pm after the Wii Bowling Tournament.  The Wii tournament starts about 12:30 pm that day.  We have lots of people signed up and more have expressed interest.  Come join the fun.

Congratulations to those who have sponsored a new member during our membership drive.  Watch for your special invitation in the mail and don’t forget to RSVP to save your spot.

I would like to thank Dewain Alphin, Chairman of the Moose Legion, for all he’s done to get bands set for Saturday nights throughout the rest of this year.  Please come out and enjoy the live music and dancing.  Please support the efforts so that we can continue to provide this sort of entertainment to our membership.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Rick Webb