Thanksgiving is already over and I hope everyone has a nice upcoming holiday season!

You may have noticed that we are taking out the old pool behind the Lodge. We’ll be replacing it with a new slab of concrete and we’ll be leaving about a 30x30 square foot area open for pavers.  These pavers will be available for purchase in the coming weeks and will be engraved with your donation.  You may want to create a memorial paver for loved ones or perhaps have your family name engraved.  Maybe a pet’s name?  It’s up to you but it will create an ever lasting and beautiful memorial as well as provide fundraising for the upgrades of the back area. Pricing and samples will be forthcoming.  We will also be adding HORSESHOE PITS!  When the ground-work is complete, we’ll discuss additional ways we can beautify the back area, not just for smokers but for any member who loves to be outdoors and relax.  It is important to remember that it is an extension of our social quarters and lodge so all general house rules apply.  The House Rules are posted on several of the bulletin boards throughout our Lodge.

THE BURNING OF THE MORTGAGE  and our New Year’s Eve party is fast approaching. Tickets are on sale in the Administrator’s Office. 

Mark your calendar for the upcoming REDNECK GAMES – January 14th.  This was a really fun event last time, and we didn’t even know what we were doing!  There’ll be fun prizes and lots of laughs.

Rick Webb