How Many Understand This Word?

Author: Dewain Alphin

The word itself has a meaning that only true Fraternal Brothers know and truly believe in.  Its become a part of all Moose Members who hold leadership positions at any level of our Order.

We must demand and oversee that every Lodge is a Fraternal Lodge called Moose or who hang the sign Moose on the front of the building.  Within that building we must have Fraternal leaders who either are a part of wanting that Lodge to be Fraternal, or are taking the strides to participate in what is expected of them as leaders.

A good Fraternal Member is viewed as one who will step up and embrace change with a proper attitude, who support the leaders, and who become productive.  Moose Members who choose to be uncooperative are only hurting themselves.  A Fraternal Member may disagree in a proper manner to the Leadership.  Those who like to argue with the system are truly hurting the system as to any sort of the needed TEAM-WORK and TEAM-EFFORTS.

If these words strike out at you, I ask that you “start the lead” to be a part of our Fraternity of Moose Members with a very supportive fraternal attitude to step up to the Moose call.